Why Choose Our Helideck Certification Agency?

Safety is paramount when landing a helicopter, especially when it’s on a superyacht where there’s little room for mistakes. With increasing numbers of superyachts including helipads, it is essential all owners have their vessels properly investigated.

Do you need a recognised provider of inspection and certification services for helidecks?

Look towards Safeguard Helideck Certificate, an experienced agency that carry out inspections, surveys and assessments for the superyachts industry. Our friendly team are always keen to meet your crew and discuss your unique concerns.

We can visit your superyacht and survey the helicopter landing area and arrangements, test and conform the co-efficiency of friction readings, and compile a detailed compliance matrix.

Our agency also regularly carries out operational risk assessments and assess whether your helideck is suitable for landing and securing, preparing for take-off, unloading passengers and baggage, and refuelling the helicopter.

As an AIB, Safeguard Helideck Certification is authorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

We provide a wide range of documentation which includes a Completed Compliance Matrix, Helicopter Landing Reports, Helicopter Landing Area Reports, and HLL where appropriate.

If you need a helideck certification agency, simply get in touch today.

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