Superyacht Helipad Certification for MY Lauren L and HMS Protector

Superyacht helipad certification is a highly specialised and interesting work. We here at Safeguard Helideck Certification we get the pleasure of visiting some really magnificent Superyachts. As we all know, helicopters on luxury yachts and other ships are becoming are becoming very popular – almost a necessity. Yachts everywhere are being equipped with helidecks left and right and to ensure complete safety, Safeguard Helideck Certification is here to help. Rest assured, they are both eager to expand and focused on the customer, meaning they can help with anyone with enquiries concerning many superyachts. Here are two particularly interesting recent projects to shed light on what they do and how integral they really are.

The MY Lauren L is a gorgeous conversion motor yacht, built in 2002 and last refitted in 2008. She is a massive 90 metres in length and as well as a helipad, she has a Jacuzzi & sauna, a beauty salon, a gym and a conference room- to say the least, anyone would be lucky to board her. If this wasn’t enough, there is also on-board WIFI, air conditioning and even an elevator. With a magnificent 20 rooms, she can accommodate for 36 guests and 40 crew. Even better, she is in fact available for charter! In short, Lauren L is perfect for socialising, relaxing and travelling in luxury. These fantastic facilities, despite not being the main reason for the helideck inspection visit, are not only notable but extremely impressive and prove to be very useful for family, social or corporate use.

In the astounding landscape of Phuket, Thailand, Safeguard Helideck Certification were asked to consult on helideck certifications with a view on the MY Lauren L. To say the least, the visit was a real pleasure. It was carried out over 3 days by Lead Certification Officers Chris Wood and Matt Weetch, who during the visit also noticed the beautiful interior design themselves. After very close inspection, they were able to advise on what the vessel needed to obtain an HLAC (Helicopter Landing Area Certificate), which is needed for landing helicopters under commercial rules. For commercial rules, you need a certificate for landing helicopters whereas you don’t need one for private rules. The MY Lauren L’s helipad is placed neatly on her fore deck and fits seamlessly with the vessel’s all around aesthetic.

The HMS Protector is a Royal Navy Ice Patrol ship built in Norway in 2001. While her appearance depicts her to have more of a commercial use, she is actually a very useful part of the Navy. Deployed on operations for 330 days a year, her Captain is Commanding Officer Matt Syrett. According to the Royal Navy website, she’s like a swiss army knife, “red, versatile, and always there when you need her”. In 2011, she was chartered as a replacement for the HMS Endurance before finally being bought in 2013. Her helipad is fairly new, but a very important contribution to the vessel which has made her both infinitely more useful and representative of how multi-purpose ships can really be.

The HMS protector was visited in Cape Town, South Africa for a friction test and an inspection of her helideck. Said helideck is located on the stern, which makes it quick and easy to access in times of need. Lead Certification Officer Steve Price and Certification Support Officer Lee Hooper were assigned this task- needless to say, the visit went flawlessly. The friction test went very well and the officers provided a HLAIR (Helicopter Landing Area Inspection Report). This inspection passed with flying colours and this vessel was awarded a HLAC.

Safeguard Helideck Certification is an Aviation Inspection Body (AIB), authorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) to issue Helicopter Landing Area Certificates (HLAC) for Superyachts that comply with requirements of The Large Commercial Yacht Code (LYC) and The Passenger Yacht Code (PYC).