Ship/Air Interface

We specialise in conducting Ship Air Interface (SAI) Safety Assessments to support the clearances and approvals by the Military Aviation Authority (MAA) to operate various types of helicopters with RN and RFA ships. We also develop 4 part Air Traffic Management (ATM) SCRs for new items of ATM equipment to meet the requirements of Def Stan 00-972 and associated MAA Regulatory Articles (RAs).

Recent/ ongoing projects include:

  • The development of a new Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) Tide Class Ship Aviation Safety Case Report (SASCR).
  • The development and production of 4 part Air Traffic Management Safety Case Reports for SharpEye Radar systems fitted to (MARS)
  • Tide Class ships and RFA ARGUS.
  • The generation of new SASCRs for seven different classes of legacy RFA ships.
  • Safety Assessment Reports for the operation of new Aircraft types on RN and RFA platforms to support the Ship Air Release process, including Merlin Mk3, Wildcat, Apache and Chinook Mk4/5/6.

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