Safeguard Helideck Certification – 12 Amazing Superyachts With Helipads

Safeguard Helideck Certification is an Aviation Inspection agency that ensures that the helipads on Superyachts are safe and functional through visiting them, performing Risk Assessments and providing documentation such as a Completed Compliance Matrix and a Superyacht Helicopter Landing Area Report. Of course, as our company is centred around luxury yachts, we are big fans of them and how they are constructed. So we thought you would enjoy reading a list of some of the amazing Superyachts with Helidecks out there …

1 – Bella Vita

A helicopter deck is just one of the many features that allows Bella Vita, formerly known as Northern Star, to travel the world; she also has an ice-breaking hull and a whopping 7,000 nautical mile range. Espen Oeino is the designer, with Pauline Nunns having created the interior design and Lurssen Yachts developing the naval architecture. She has a top speed of 7.0kn and a cruising range of 6000.0nm at 15kn and any of the 12 people aboard would be very pleased with 22 crew members.

2 – Umbra

This gorgeous sea axe vessel, built by Damen, has a removable helicopter deck as of 2014. She is 54m, designed by Azure Naval Architects and built in the Netherlands with an ample crew of 20- there will always be someone at hand. As well as all this, she has a top speed of 18kn alongside a cruising range of 4564.0nm at 16kn.

3 – Eclipse

At an enormous 162.5 metres, the Eclipse is the second largest yacht in the world- until April 2013, she was the largest. Able to hold 36 guests with a crew of 66, she is well worth the 5 arduous years of design. With not one, but two helicopter pads and a storage hangar, she can house a total of 3 helicopters. At the World Superyacht Awards in 2011, she was voted Motor Yacht of the Year and she was designed by Terence Disdale and built by Blohm & Voss with a top speed of 21kn and a cruising range of 6000nm at 20kn. Aside from the Luns, she has the only multipurpose custom-made lifeboats/limousine in the world

4 – Stella Maris

Designed by Espen Oeino, interior design by Michela Reverberi, naval architecture by Laurent Giles and built by Viareggio Superyachts, this breathtaking vessel utilises the helipad (when not in use) for activities such as sunbathing. She is 72.1m in length and has a top speed of 17kn with a cruising range of 5500nm at 12kn. She can also house 12 guests with a crew of 19.

5 – Attessa IV

As one of the classic luxury yachts, she gained a helicopter pad as part of a rebuild project in 2007. Attessa IV is a fairly large 100.89m vessel with a top speed of 23kn and cruising range of 6370nm at 21kn. As well as this, she can hold up to 26 guests with 21 crew members due to her size. She was built by Hayashikane and predominantly designed by Felix Buytendijk.

6 – Cloudbreak

As yet another yacht designed by Espen Oeino, she is 72.25m and has a cinema right next to her helipad. Built by Abeking & Rasmussen and delivered in 2016, she is still fairly young compared to other yachts. She can accommodate 12 guests and 22 crew with a top speed of 15kn and cruising range of 8500nm at 12kn. Her interior design is by Christian Liaigre.

7 – Sunrays

With a stunning teal-coloured steel hull, she immediately catches your attention and ignites curiosity. Sunrays, previously known as Project Y705, is 85.47m and has a top speed of 18.5kn with a cruising speed of 14kn- she has a range of 0nm because of her 285,000L fuel tanks. This vessel was built by Oceanco, her exterior design is by Bjorn and her unusual interior is by Terence Disdale. Her helicopter pad fits well with her overall aesthetic.

8 – Skyfall

Built by Trinity Yachts and designed by Geoff Van Aller, Skyfall is 57.91m in length and her helipad is one of her main luxurious assets. Her top speed is 18kn and cruising range is 4000nm at 17kn. She can hold 17 guests and 14 crew members, with much more space available after her refit in 2015. It is currently the largest, fastest, shallow draft yacht for sale in the world.

9 – Lady Christine

Not only can she handle full helicopter operations, Lady Christine can actually refuel helicopters on board. She is 68m, built and designed by Feadship and interiorly designed by Rodney Black. Accommodating 10 guests and 16 crew members, her cruising range is 5000nm at 12kn. Housing 16 crew and 10 guests, there is lots of entertainment such as a soundproof cinema and piano bar.

10 – Luna

As the second largest expedition yacht at 115m, her two helicopter pads are very useful for boarding customers. Aside from the Eclipse, she has the only multipurpose custom-made lifeboats/limousine in the world. She was built by Lloyd Werft and designed by Newcruise and Donald Starkey and can hold 18 guests with up to 49 crew for ultimate comfort. Her top speed is 22.5kn and she has a cruising range of 7600nm at 1.8kn.

11 – Kismet

What’s unique about Kismet is that her foredeck, which is also her helicopter pad, is marked for half-court basketball. This sports-oriented vessel stands at 95.2m and has room for 12 guests and 20 crew. Her top speed is 17kn with a cruising speed of 14kn, accompanying a design by Espen Oeino and Reymond Langton and built by Lurssen. With a high-tech entertainment system and dining hall which can seat 18 guests, there is rarely a dull moment aboard this vessel.

12 – Serene

At 133.9m, she is the largest yacht ever launched in Italy and built by Fincantieri. With a beautiful aesthetic and blue hull paint, any of the 24 guests or even some of the 52 crew members would be lucky to be aboard. Her helicopter pad fits seamlessly with the rest of the vessel and her top speed is 20kn with a cruising range of 6000nm at 15kn. She was designed by Espen Oeino and Raymond Langton.

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