Helideck Services

We offer a range of services to support your helideck operations.  This includes working with design teams at the very early stages of planning a Helicopter Landing Area to ensure that the finished superyacht will have a helideck that is compliant and can be awarded its Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC).  

We also advise on alterations and modifications to existing superyachts that may impact on the helideck area.

Our team is regularly traveling the globe to attend to requests for Helideck Certification.  We will visit a Superyacht at a time of your convenience to meet the Captain and crew and during the HLAC Process we will assess all aspects of aviation onboard. This includes:

  • General Arrangements – including helideck dimensions,
  • landing area markings and structural considerations
  • Firefighting, emergency equipment and procedures
  • Fire Detection and Extinguishing Arrangements
  • Helicopter Landing Area Tie Down Points
  • Perimeter Safety Net
  • Access and Egress Points
  • Visual Aids
  • Operational Data – Reporting and Recording
  • Staff HLO/HDA Training Documentation

Following our inspection we will provide the following documentation:

Stella Maris 4

Helicopter Landing Area Inspection Report (HLAIR)


Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC)


Helicopter Landing Limitations (HLL)


Helicopter Landing Area Technical Certificate (HLATC)

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