High Hazard Facilities Safety Management

Safeguard Engineering Limited (SEL) have worked with a number of defence, governmental and commercial organisations to support their design teams, and ensure the effective integration of safety within the design, construction and setting to work of facilities, used for a variety of hazardous process and storage activities. The facilities have included those used for:

  • The processing and storage of energetic and flammable materials
  • Manufacture of energetic materials
  • The processing of hazardous chemicals and organic materials

In each case SEL will work with design teams to establish a safety management plan, and then undertake hazard identification activities.

These activities are tailored to reflect the maturity of the design, the complexity of the facility or process, and the risks presented by the design. The resulting hazard schedule is then used to drive out the design and management safeguards that must be in place to ensure the risks associated with the identified hazards are managed in an effective and acceptable manner, and reduced to a level considered tolerable and ALARP. The identified safeguards can then be used to guide the design team, or the future operators, to ensure that the associated requirements are integrated within the design or operation activities.

Such a process can be integrated into the technical requirements management process, and subsequently subject to a substantiation activity as a means of demonstrating to governance bodies or regulators that all technical and safety requirements (e.g. JSP 482 or ER 2014 for explosives facilities, or DSEAR for facilities where hazardous atmospheres may exist) have been incorporated within a design, within a built facility, or within an organisations safety working procedures.

SEL can then use the output from such activities to generate a Design Safety Case Report, showing that a design is “Safe to Operate”, or an Operational Safety Case Report, showing that the built facility will be “Operated Safely”.

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