Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives

Safeguard Engineering Limited (SEL) has extensive experience in the safety and environmental management of Ordnance, Munitions, Explosives and Energetic materials and of the facilities and operations associated with these items.

SEL is currently working with operating companies on the design of new facilities required to manufacture and handle explosive and energetic materials.

In support of these activities SEL has worked with the design teams to identify the hazards associated with the proposed facility, and then develop Safety Requirements upon the design to ensure the appropriate mitigations are designed into the facility. This process may then be repeated as part of the facility build process to demonstrate that the proposed design measures have been built into the facility and are substantiated as suitable for control of the identified hazards.

SEL has a detailed knowledge of the associated technical and legislative requirements and is also able to advise customers on technical compliance with these standards:

  • JSP 482
  • BS EN 62305
  • Explosive Regulations 2014

SEL has also supported a number of projects in the development of Safety Cases in accordance with JSP 520 and has supported the development of a number of items of test equipment required for complex weapon systems, where the test equipment may influence the explosive or dynamic safety of the weapon.

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