SEL has sound applied knowledge and experience of MOD safety and environmental policies and processes. Our Environmental Management lead is a Chartered Environmentalist and an Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) Full Member and a registered Environmental Auditor with postgraduate environmental sciences qualifications.

Recent experience includes involvement in MOD policy development (including DSA-02, POSMS, POEMS, JSP 418, Def-Stan 00-56 and MoD safety and environmental arrangements for the acquisition of maritime platforms.

In addition, the following specialist skills are available to our clients:

  • Applied knowledge of MOD environmental and sustainability policies as documented within DSA01.1, DSA02 (formerly JSP 430), JSP 418, ASEMS Project Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS), Ships Operating Centre (SOC) Generic Environmental Toolkit (GET), other function JSPs, DefStans, DINs
  • Environmental Management System (EMS), EIA, Environmental Risk Assessments, Environmental Auditing, Waste and Materials Management, Sustainability Appraisals and Design For Environment (DFE)
  • Extensive applied knowledge of environmental maritime legislation, IMO Conventions including as well as Lloyd’s Register (LR) Environmental Protection Notation, Rules and Certification
  • Extensive knowledge of legislation governing use and selection of materials
  • Specialist environmental support, particularly within defence maritime platforms, equipment and weapon system projects/ programmes including:
    • RN submarines programmes
    • RN surface ships platforms
    • RFA platforms
    • Maritime Equipment
    • Air Platforms
    • WOME

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