Do You Require Helideck Certification in 2019?

Do You Require Helideck Certification in 2019?

Helipads are often found in remote locations with no space constraints, but other times they’re found on top of sky-scrapers, or at airports or on the back of ships or superyachts where they have many service facilities available.

No matter where they’re based, it’s essential they’ve been properly inspected and certified by a recognised aviation body.

If you’re looking to gain a Helicopter Landing Area Certificate (HLAC), Safeguard Helideck Certification is always happy to help.

We are an aviation inspection body who specialise in the inspection, survey and assessment of the Superyacht Helideck industry. Our services include carrying out risk assessments on landing and securing, preparing for take-off, the process of taking off, unloading passengers along with baggage and stores, and the process for refuelling.

We will survey all your helicopter landing areas and arrangements before issuing any Helideck Certification, including testing and confirming co-efficient friction readings.

Our team are highly experienced and fully conversant with many Internationally recognised Standards and Codes, including Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 437 Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Area, Large Commercial Yacht Code, Passenger Yacht Code and the Red Ensign Group (REG) Yacht Code.

If you need Helipad or Helideck Certification, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.

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