Commercial Marine

Safeguard Engineering Ltd (SEL) is a well-established provider of maritime Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) consultancy and management services. We provide specialist advice and support services to the maritime industry and our team has extensive experience of working and managing others within hazardous marine environments; in particular on-board ships, in dockyards and workshops.

It has been our experience that many marine companies are relying on generic land-based Safety Management Systems (SMS) which do not adequately assess or cover maritime operations.

If your company is supplying services to the commercial marine industry and the work is potentially hazardous then you should have a robust SMS in place to ensure that your work is conducted safely and in accordance with the applicable Health and Safety/Maritime Safety Legislation and Regulations (such as The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (H&S at Work) Regulations and the International Safety Management (ISM) Code).

Safeguard Engineering can help with the following work:

  • The development of vessel/ organisation Safety Management Systems and Plans.
  • Assistance and advice to client organisations/ vessels for OH&S arrangements including the set up and audit of company safety policy, documentation and SMS.
  • Preparation and presentation of safety assessments/ evidence to Regulatory Authorities for the issue of safety certification to the vessel, including; Ship Safety Management, Ship Aviation, Fire, Escape and Evacuation, structure, stability and special operations.
  • The identification and interpretation of safety and environmental Regulations/ Legislation that is applicable to the vessel and how compliance can be achieved.
  • The development of vessel and equipment Safety Cases and Safety Assessment reports to meet individual client needs – i.e. Safe Return to Port arrangements.
  • System safety reviews, audits and advice.

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