Assessments And Certification For Superyacht Helidecks

Assessments And Certification For Superyacht Helidecks

Do you wish to have a superyacht built that can facilitate a helicopter?

With superyacht designs becoming increasingly innovative, the number of owners having helidecks has shot up in the past number of years, with more and more people wanting to enjoy private on-demand travel.

A helideck is the easiest way to bring guests to your superyacht, especially if they’re coming from a great distance away.

Naturally, you want the pilot to be able to land a helicopter with minimal fuss, in a way which is safe and poses as little risk as possible. You also want your crew to be trained just in case things do go wrong.

With Safeguard Helideck, you can easily procure all the necessary technical documentation.

Safeguard Helideck Certification can review a wide range of documentation, including helideck dimensions and structural considerations. Our team also inspect fuelling arrangements and structural fire arrangements.

Where applicable we can also inspect hangar arrangements and lift arrangements.

Our team inspect and certify superyachts globally and are fully conversant with a number of internationally recognised standards and codes. For more information, simply get in touch today on +44 (0) 333 577 1244.