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Why Your Superyacht Needs a Helipad | Safeguard Helideck

Helicopter landing pads on superyachts are becoming an increasingly more popular feature, because they add a whole new dimension to the luxury yachting experience. Having helicopter access bridges the gap between land and sea, offering endless possibilities for exploring new landscapes from different perspectives. A tender (a dinghy or smaller boat) can only take you so far, and it cannot rival the speed of travel that a helicopter provides.

Whether you own a superyacht or you are looking to charter one, don’t settle for anything less than perfection for your superyacht vacations. Here are just a few of the many benefits that a helicopter and helideck on a superyacht can provide:

  • Conveniency and discreteness –

Aside from offering greater convenience in travelling from sea to land, arriving on land via helicopter is a little more discreet than having to moor a 24+ metre superyacht. The same applies to boarding the boat too. Superyachts naturally attract lots of attention, which the rich and famous may prefer to avoid when boarding their extravagant vessels. Helicopter landing pads allow for this more discreet access.

  • The fastest way to travel –

Helicopters are the fastest way to travel between your superyacht and your onshore destination. Whether that be landing on the rooftop of a luxury hotel, a mountainous region to go hiking or skiing, or visiting an exclusive island with helicopter only access. By wasting less time travelling between destinations, you get to spend more time making the most of your luxury vacation.

  • See landscapes from a new perspective –

Sometimes the best view of a stunning landscape is from the sky. With a superyacht you can travel to some of the world’s most beautiful locations, so who wouldn’t want to make the most of this by being able to see it from above as well. A helicopter offers the unique opportunity to do this. A chopper is also a brilliant way of reaching shallow, remote reefs for diving and if you take your camera, think of the marvellous aerial shots you will be able to take.

  • It makes it easier to sell or charter your superyacht –

This is something to consider for those who own, or are perhaps looking to buy, a superyacht. Because of the multiple benefits that having helicopter access can provide, a superyacht is much easier to resell, or charter, if it comes complete with this crucial feature. With increasingly more yacht charterers demanding helicopter landing pads to get the most out of their luxury vacations, make sure your superyacht is charterable by fitting it with a reliable helideck.

Superyacht Helipad Inspection and Certification


Gone are the days when helipads on superyachts were an excessive indulgence; they are becoming a must have feature for the next generation of luxury vessels. In order to charter a superyacht with a helipad, it must be issued with a Helicopter Landing Area Certificate, to demonstrate that it complies with Cap 437 and The REG Yacht Code.

Safeguard Helideck Certification are an Aviation Inspection Body that specialise in surveying helicopter landing pads on superyachts. We can provide consultation and, after successful inspection, documentation that proves your helideck is safe, reliable and fit for purpose. Read more about our services on our website, or contact a member of our friendly team today, via phone or email.

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