3 amazing celebrity yachts and superyachts

It’s no secret that celebrities live very different lives from the norm. With fame, usually comes fortune and this affluence is spent on an array of shiny and expensive luxuries. It comes as no surprise that yachts and superyachts take pride of place on that list, so we just had to do the research to see which famous celebrities owned yachts!

Paul Allen – Octopus Superyacht

You may have known Paul Allen as the co-founder of Microsoft. A man who’s net worth came to a jaw-dropping $21.7 billion, his Superyacht (or megayacht) known as the Octopus was a $200 million boat of pure extravagance. The boat itself is a private vessel which is regularly lent our for exploration projects, scientific research and in some cases, rescue missions.

Paul Allen’s yacht has an impressive number of helipads with two on the main deck, a twin pad on the stern and a single helideck on the bow. That’s a lot of helidecks! But this isn’t the only remarkable aspect of the superyacht, it has not one, but two submarines.

Roman Abramovich – Eclipse Superyacht

Spanning at an incredible 162.5 metres long, the Eclipse is the world’s second largest private motor yacht owned by the Russian businessman and current owner of Chelsea football club Roman Abramovich.

With twenty-four guest cabins, two swimming pools and two helicopter pads, this mammoth boat needs a whopping seventy crew members to operate. Paull Allen’s Octopus isn’t alone when it comes to submarines, as Abramovich’s Eclipse also comes equipped with a mini-submarine, not to mention a fitted missile detection system!

Steven Spielberg – Seven Seas Superyacht

Known as one of the most expensive superyachts in the world to charter, the Seven Seas was a custom-built superyacht for the Academy award-winning director, screenwriter and producer, Steven Spielberg. The opulent design that lies within oozes extravagance, with an indoor cinema and floor-to-ceiling glass windows for those amazing sea views.

One of the more incredible designs of this superyacht sees the infinity pool convert into a helipad! The Seven Seas holds up to thirty-five people, twenty-three of which are crew members and twelve being guests.

An aspect that all 3 of these superyachts have in common is their helidecks. If you’re looking to upgrade your own superyacht to include a helideck just like your favourite celebrity, then it’s important that it is deemed safe and meets the highest of standards. Safeguard Helideck Certification are superyacht helipad inspection experts and our specialised team are licensed to assess and provide relevant documentation to confirm a superyachts safety to operate a helipad. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you achieve your helideck.